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Intelligent drain repair services

We identify and fix drain problems across Northern Ireland. Whether you are based in Derry, Belfast or Newry our drain repair specialists can come out to you, survey the problem and fix it, most of the time without having to dig up your land.

Your drain repairs might be covered on your home insurance. In which case we will make your life easier and do all the paper work.

For pain free drain repairs across Northern Ireland call
028 7136 2177

CCTV pipe survey robot

CCTV pipe surveys

If you are having a drainage problem the first thing you need is to know exactly what the problem is. We do a CCTV drainage surveys and give you a DVD and a computerised model of your drains so you know exactly what the situation is.

A metal gutter

No dig drain repairs

For most problems we can fix the drain without having to dig the pipes up. We send in a little robot up the pipe and it installs a new fibre glass drain lining. It is quick, easy and cheap and we are one of the only few companies in Ireland that provide this.

A man in a high vis jacket working on a drain

Excavation drain repairs

If the damage is too great and you need more extensive repairs or you drains replaced, we will make the experience as easy as possible. We will use the CCTV survey to identify the exact location of the damage so we can go right to the problem.

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